About AutoLife Rent A Car

As any extensive traveler knows, transportation is critical when it comes to accessibility, comfortability, and ease with traveling and moving around a new city. There are certain expectations that every car renter has for what they expect from their provider. AutoLife not only understands these expectations, but we also fulfill them. With over ten years in the Cyprus car rental market, AutoLife has firmly established itself as a reliable and worthwhile means of transportation, satisfying its customers during those ten years. Our expertise, quality vehicles and excellent customer service are only a part of all the great reasons to choose AutoLife as your rental provider on your next trip.

With a decade of experience, comes an understanding of the things that matter to our clients. From our bilingual staff, fluent in English and Russian, providing ease of communication, to our 24/7 roadside assistance availability, completed by in-service experts who serve on our team of engineers, AutoLife is ready to work with you to ensure you have exactly what you need. Being able to communicate clearly with our clients and customers means we’ll have a clear understanding of your specific needs and wants and will be able to provide just the right vehicle. It also means that should you run into any hiccups along the journey, we’re ready to support you no matter the time of day or night.

Since AutoLife is a longstanding and recognizable name within the industry, we’ve spent that decade building a rapport around our options as well as our services. We provide travelers with a wide range of rental vehicles to choose from at prices that are reasonable and highly competitive. We offer economy city cars, for the day-to-day traveler, mid-sized hatchbacks, in case you’ve got to bring extra luggage, full-sized sedans or SUVs, for family or group travelers. We even have convertibles and luxury, premium class cars for the traveler looking to have something just a little bit extra.

AutoLife Limassol

We also understand you are busy, so we offer our customers the ability to book by whatever means suits them, whether online, by email or by phone. Reach out, let us know just what you are looking for and we’ll have just the car you want ready for your arrival!